Bacteria and viruses in our lives: Where they live and how to get rid of them?

Bacteria and viruses

Bacteria and viruses lurk us literally everywhere: in all public places and even in our homes. But if you like to know everything about public places, and try to immediately wash your hands with soap and water after returning home from the street, something about the dangers that lie in wait for each of us at home, few people aware.

However, it is at home we often find ourselves defenseless against bacteria. And all because of the feeling of his security. After all, few informed that all door handles and cabinets, taps in the bathroom and the kitchen, toilets descents, and even TV remotes are breeding grounds for bacteria.

But if bacteria on these subjects can be dealt with through regular cleanings, then there are things that for weeks and months are packed with bacteria. And nobody even thinks to get rid of them.

On such subjects and discussed today.

Bacteria and viruses
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Bacteria on your mobile phone- How to clean the mobile phone from bacteria

One interesting study of foreign scholars argue that almost any of our mobile accumulate more bacteria than the average public toilet. And let the foreign public toilets slightly cleaner than our domestic, anyway, is not a pleasant conclusion.

After all, a cell phone in the modern world – it is a subject that we use constantly. In this case, it is in close proximity to the face. So, and from the mouth, nose, ears – those parts of the body that are favorable to the penetration of bacteria and viruses into our body.

It is believed that up to 30% of viruses quite safely penetrates into us from mobile phones surfaces.

Meanwhile, a few of us (probably, just no one) makes regular cleaning of surfaces of the mobile phone. And to do that – simple. Suffice it to once a day to wipe the entire mobile phone and, especially, the glass area, speaker and microphone special antibacterial wipes, which can be found for sale in almost any store selling techniques.

This will be enough to get rid of the contact with the bacteria through their phone.

Towel in the bathroom is full of bacteria- How to wash towels

In the bath, where the atmosphere is humid and warm (namely, such an atmosphere conducive to the maximum propagation of various microorganisms), the towel is a further object that contains a large number of bacteria.

The bacteria on the towel fall from our body surfaces and immediately begin to multiply.

In this regard, it is not enough from time to time to update our towels. You need to do it regularly, twice a week.

It also is not enough just to wash and boil the used towels. It is desirable to wash to add special oxygen bleaches and cleaners. In this case, the bacteria are guaranteed to die.

The bacteria live and multiply in the washcloth- How do I clean washcloth

Bacteria and viruses can exist on different surfaces for a long time, up to two days. And the next thing on which there are millions of bacteria safely for a long time – it is an ordinary sponge for washing.

Even if we carefully dried loofah after use, the bacteria on it remain and multiply. A wash or wash loofah none of us are accustomed to, because sponges and so is constantly in contact with detergents: soap, shower gel. It seems that this should help contain sponges clean.

Unfortunately, this is not enough. Any cleansers needs careful purification from bacteria using white vinegar and water solution.

Dried beforehand best, it was immersed for one to two hours in this solution, and then also carefully dried.

With the help of a weekly procedure to regularly clean washcloth from bacterial deposits.

In spite of the short list of the subject matter, the mere implementation of the described rules will significantly reduce our exposure to the bacteria and make everyone’s life a little healthier and better.

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