How to reduce appetite

reduce appetite

Today we try to understand how to reduce the appetite by the introduction of the diet of those products that are associated with appetite. Indeed, sometimes increased appetite suggests a lack of in the body of certain nutrients.

Increased appetite has both positive and negative sides. On the one hand, if a person is good to eat, it is a sign of good health and cannot fail to please.

On the other hand, increased appetite, and almost always means an increased caloric intake. And with age, our body has more and more often to pay for the extra calories eaten each increase fat stores. With the fat usually come and its associated diseases.

In such a situation can be either forced to limit themselves in an amount of food intake, or try to find a possible cause of the appetite. What we just did. And then offer a solution to eliminate the adverse effects of this appetite.

Increased appetite may be associated with a lack of certain vitamins and minerals in the diet. At the same time some of them are responsible for the full absorption of nutrients, while others – for the condition of the nervous system, also affecting the supply processes. Let us examine them one by one.

reduce appetite
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Vitamin B1 (thiamine) and chromium reduce appetite

The lack of vitamin B1 (thiamine) and chromium in the body can be heightened appetite and constant desire to eat.

Insufficient amount of vitamin B1 in the body gives carbohydrate processes primarily occurs incomplete release of glucose from the received dietary carbohydrates.

On the one hand, for weight loss, it may even be a good idea, because the food will be delivered fewer calories than planned. And the body in such conditions will receive a lack of energy from its own reserves of fat.

But on the other hand the lack of glucose in the blood stimulates hunger pangs. A hunger – is synonymous with appetite, because we want to eat when they are hungry. And the food is not only carbohydrates but also from fat that shape our adipose tissue.

It turns out that a lack of vitamin B1 stimulates repeated meals, significantly increasing overall caloric intake with all its consequences.

Chrome, in turn, is necessary for the proper and complete assimilation of glucose by cells of the body. At its lack disrupted hormonal system primarily insulin.

It turns out that the deficiency in the body of dietary vitamin B1 and chromium seriously violates carbohydrate processes, increasing the appetite. To remedy the lack of data elements in the body, we should pay attention to the following products:

  • Brewer’s yeast, sunflower seeds, germinated wheat grains, nuts, pistachio nuts, bran (vitamin B1);
  • Tuna, salmon, capelin, shrimp, flounder, beets (chrome).

Assume multivitamin with vitamin B1 and chromium.

Vitamins B12 and C reduce the desire to snack, arising from the stress

Strain on many people, having a tremendous impact on the nervous system. Depression and stress have a negative effect on all body systems. And every man, consciously or unconsciously trying to break out of this state.

The easiest way to reduce the negative pressure in the body is to increase the number of positive hormones – endorphins. To increase their number in various ways, but the most accessible – to eat something delicious.

Indeed, many people stress lose their appetite and cannot eat ordinary food. For such states, even coined the expression: “A piece in the throat does not climb!”

However, even in the most difficult situations, nervous, almost every one of us can eat chocolate, candy or something else, always sweet. Sweet helps release endorphins, helps to cope with stress.

Unfortunately, this situation has a downside. All sweets are usually high in calories, and contains a large amount of fast carbohydrates that can quickly be converted in the body into fat. Therefore, to overcome stressful situations should be to find a more acceptable solution than simply eating chocolate in large quantities.

Vitamin B12 is important for the health of the nervous system, and vitamin C, among other functions, is a fighter with a high content of the stress hormone cortisol. Sufficient and even slightly increased dietary intake of vitamins data strengthens the nervous system and helps to overcome stress, and not just stick them.

Vitamin B12 is found in meat, fish, eggs.

Vitamin C is found in red bell peppers, kiwi, citrus, greens.

It is also permissible to use a multivitamin complexes.

Calcium and vitamin D help to eliminate the effects of increased appetite

reduce appetite does not mean to get rid of kilograms. This can help the vitamin D and calcium.

It is proved that calcium in the body acts as an activator mechanism fat burning, vitamin D and calcium needs to run the process. In other words, with a deficiency of calcium and vitamin D fat recycling processes are violated.

Increased appetite, promotes the accumulation of excess fat, thus achieving a reduction in appetite back to normal, you need to start the process of fat utilization.

If calcium should be ingested from food, the vitamin D human body is able independently to produce cells with access to sunlight. However, this process affects the light day, and especially age: with age, vitamin D production decreases.

Get calcium can of fermented milk products and milk, nuts, garlic, legumes. Especially a lot of calcium in the cheese.

Vitamin D can be derived from seafood, fish fat varieties. But the special supplier of vitamin D has been and still is fish oil, which should take courses, preventing overdose.

So, we have proposed an option that can not only help solve the problem of increased appetite, but also to eliminate its consequences. However, this may not be enough and easy introduction into the body relevant vitamins and minerals do not give the desired effect.

In this case, you must carefully analyze the diet and nutrition, and taking into account the person’s age and his physical activity. Perhaps that is taken as increased appetite, is a reaction to the lack of dietary calories. In this case, the most important indicator is the weight of the body: in its stable state the reasons for concern should not be.

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