Hypertensive crisis: Symptoms and first aid


Hypertensive crisis is a severe state of the organism in which the sick person is experiencing a sudden and rapid high increase in blood pressure. At the same time almost does not matter, is such a person hypertensive, hypertensive or earlier is not pointed at the violation in this area.

Recalling the event many years ago, when my mother was hypertensive crisis, and it is 8:00 struggled with dizziness, without causing the ambulance, I’m just horrified. By a lucky chance, the hypertensive crisis has not affected the health of a loved one, but the consequence of a hypertensive crisis may be the most horrible disease: heart attack, stroke, kidney damage, arteries and more.

Hypertensive crisis is a serious and dangerous condition. Therefore, we must learn to recognize the symptoms of a hypertensive crisis, know what first aid you can provide in this condition and how to do it. Consider the most important information on the subject.

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Symptoms of a hypertensive crisis

Hypertensive crisis – this is not a simple increase in indicators of blood pressure. When the pressure of hypertensive crisis may rise so sharply that the sick person suddenly begins to feel very bad.

The most characteristic symptoms of a hypertensive crisis are:

  • Headache;
  • Nausea;
  • Vomiting;
  • Dizziness (during said hypertensive crisis under my mother hours spinning bed, it is feared naturally fall from it);
  • Rapid pulse;
  • Spots and tingling flashing before my eyes;
  • Various visual impairment;
  • Trembling of the limbs;
  • Gravity in retrosternal area and others.

If the mentioned symptoms (some or all) blood pressure above 160 mm at 90/100 mm Hg. Art., it indicates the development of hypertensive crisis. So, the situation is very serious, and need to know how to behave in such cases, and how we can help a sick person.

First aid for hypertensive crisis

As already mentioned, a hypertensive crisis may occur suddenly and out of nowhere. And man cannot be aware of the serious pressure jump. Well, suddenly fell ill head. Who it does not hurt?

What usually do in such cases? Take a pill for a headache.

A urgently needs to measure blood pressure. Apparatus for measuring the pressure must always be at hand. If this is not available, you should consider purchasing it (you can order a birthday, for example). After all, at least a third of the world’s population suffers from high blood pressure, and after 65 years, every second detected such problems.

Pressure above 160 mm 90/100 mm (if at least some of these symptoms) almost exactly indicates the development of hypertensive crisis. Do in this case can be 2 things: try yourself to reduce high blood pressure (if there is such an opportunity and experience) or to call an ambulance, which professionally reduce pressure.

When blood pressure above 180 mm and symptoms indicating the development of hypertensive crisis, you should call an ambulance immediately. Attempt to reduce the pressure in this condition is life-threatening.

Good folk remedy that helps to reduce high blood pressure, is the superimposition rags soaked in vinegar to heel region.

But for hypertensive crisis should not be allowed a sharp decline in pressure. Maximum – 30 mm. Hg. Art. for 1 hour at most. Otherwise, a sharp and large drop in blood pressure can cause fainting and disturbance of cerebral circulation.

Therefore, if possible, in cases of suspected hypertensive crisis should not delay calling an ambulance. Arrived team doctors will decide on the need for hospitalization.

In the reclining position, it is recommended to take an attack. This will reduce the likelihood of dizziness and help you relax.

It should also be understood that any dosage (or non-drug) means applied to reduce the pressure in a hypertensive crisis, are not actually cure the problem.

So after stop attacks hypertensive crisis need to be examined by a doctor who will be able to choose the scheme of medical treatment of the cause of the hypertensive crisis.

With strict admission prescribed drugs, giving up alcohol, smoking, excessive salt intake, with normalization of diet, nutrition and the maximum avoidance of stressful situations, the chances that a hypertensive crisis does not happen again very good.

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