Swimming: The benefits of swimming and harm


The good and the swimming damage will have to use serious stretch to gain at least a few paragraphs describing the navigation harm.

On the other hand, the benefits of swimming, may not seem worthy of respect, but I assure you it is not.

Probably one of the most buzzing articles on this site – an article about the benefits and harms of running. What has not been written in the comments from the fans running.

I am sure that I write something negative about swimming, there will be such a response simply because too few people are able to deal with constantly swimming, not only in the hot season. And it’s too bad. And that’s why.

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The benefits of swimming

Swimming, no doubt, well it likes to lead a healthy lifestyle almost everyone.

1) Swimming offloads the bone apparatus

Swimming is useful in that almost completely eliminates the negative load on the spine and lower limbs.

Immersed in an aqueous medium body does not experience the severe impact of gravity. In fact, the body is in some semblance of weightlessness while performing physical work.

Those. positive physical effect on the body is made, but negative, or destructive impact on the bone, spine or limbs not.

2) Swimming is an excellent preventive tool against pain in the joints

Because the human body while swimming in the water, it significantly reduces the load on all joints.

Of course, the work is carried out in the joints, but this positive work.

In a recent article about the prevention of pain in the joints it is written that the most affordable way for the prevention of joint health is the maximum mobility of the joints.

When sailing, regardless of the type of navigation, all joints are involved. They do work, but the ravages of gravity does not cause harm to the joint cartilage.

3) Swimming remove accumulated static tension in the muscles

One of the problems of modern man – the static muscle tension, when from time to time starts to whine or that of the spine or in long-term preservation of some unnatural posture muscles kameneyut and pain.

Swimming provides invaluable advantage under such conditions. Performing physical work in the water, the muscles at the same time, relax.

4) Swimming allows you to select any load during training

Depending on the style and pace of swimming, people exercising muscles can produce both low-intensity load, relaxes the muscles, ligaments, joints and all bony structures, and to work towards the development of myofibrils and mitochondria in muscle fibers.

Swimming breaststroke in a slow style similar to the effects of walking.

Swimming crawl, depending on the selected rate may be compared and quick walking, and running.

Swimming butterfly (complex style that very few people under force) already gives a strain on the entire body, that it may be compared to running a sprint.

Backstroke, depending on the rate, can be equated to a load of any intensity.

5) Swimming extremely useful for the nervous system

The water calms. Physical work in the water is not as exhausting as working under conditions of normal gravity.

In addition to a softer load, not so much exhausting the nervous system, relieves diving extreme stress of modern life with the mind. No wonder after a swim, you can say to yourself: “How was born again.”

Apart from anything else, just nice to swim. And it promotes the release of endorphins joy.

6) A compound navigation with quenching has effect on the entire organism

Swimming, as such, is already good for health so that the first occurrence of the water required by the body some stress. Still, if this is not Cyprus or a pool of water in 28 degrees, a little cool at first. Where short-term positive stress, there is – the release of hormones that is beneficial to health.

But if you start swimming combined with hardening elements (for example, just before the start conventional bathing season and finish it later), it is at times increases the secretion of hormones in such a stress.

The main thing that this stress was not excessive.

7) Swimming suits almost everyone

Unlike running, which, being very democratic and accessible, however, cannot be recommended for a large group of people, swimming suits, in my opinion, generally all people.

Of course, a person with eczema will never get a medical certificate to the pool, but no one will prevent him to swim somewhere in the river, running water, where no harm to others, he will not put.

Similarly, overweight people with arthritis, varicose veins, even with heart problems may well pick up (often with the help of a doctor) currently suitable type of load, good for your health.

Here’s a very positive list navigation properties that came into my head.

Harm swimming

Now we shall understand whether there is something harmful in swimming, if carry this type of physical activity for health.

1) Swimming all year is problematic

Due to the climate of our country the people of the areas where, however, did not have a pool, it is almost impossible to swim all year round. Unless, of course, did not have in mind the item number 6 of the section on the benefits of swimming.

Those. for the most part, cannot be called swimming – constant view of physical activity. This is very useful, but the season is kind of exercises.

2) Swimming is often expensive sport

And as a sport and as a simple exercise, swimming, if it is held within the walls of the pool is expensive kind of physical activity. Not all people can afford to buy an expensive ticket in the pool constantly.

3) Swimming can be life threatening

When swimming in open water, there is little risk to overestimate their own strength, swim away and drown if no strength left to return or will bring the leg muscles from fatigue. In the pool a greater chance that you will be saved. After all, you’re always in full view of other people.

This, indeed, lies some harm swimming. Still, while the person in the water is always the risk of drowning.

4) Swimming is not available to people who cannot swim

This item is harmful properties of swimming is probably the most offensive. If a person does not know how to swim, how whatever he wanted, swimming is impossible for it (at least until you learn how to swim).

In order to surpass the last, the most grievous harm from the point of sailing, the next article will focus on how to learn to swim. In it, I will tell my own experience of self-learning to swim is already in a serious age. Hopefully, it will help those who love swimming, but still at a distance.


Swimming is beautiful view of physical activity that can be recommended to all positive. Even those who still cannot swim. If they take the trouble to learn the basics of sailing (I have to start from scratch passable swim took only 6 days), then they will be a great meeting with the water element.

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