The use of static-dynamic exercises


Properly performed exercises static dynamic necessarily end with the release of hormones from the glands of the endocrine system. This should not be questioned, because is a physiological response to mental stress in patience and burning pain.

However, this is not the only plus static-dynamic exercises, there are several positive aspects. Consider all the details.

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The use of static-dynamic exercises

1) Each approach static dynamic exercise which ends patience pain working muscles, the blood causes the release of growth hormone and testosterone.

If you carry only one approach per day on some muscle group, it will not only mean daily getting into the blood necessary hormones, but also improving the overall physical fitness of the person.

2) Static dynamic exercises used for recreational purposes, almost do not require any additional equipment. There is no need to buy the barbell, dumbbells or a subscription to the gym. It is possible to manage the weight of his own body and surrounding objects.

For example, to me, it is good to practice conventional dynamic squats, barbell weight needed somewhere in a half hundredweight. However, I do static dynamic squats without any weights.

Likewise with the other movements.

To feel a burning sensation and pain in the muscles of the press, does not necessarily engage the bench for the upper limit of the Swedish wall. Is quite suitable and conventional bed that static dynamic abdominal exercises will certainly end the release of hormones.

3) It is experimentally proved that the static-dynamic exercises do not cause pressure increase.

The reason for this is that the movements are performed slowly, with unsaturated or without burdening him.

Overcoming weight at full amplitude associated with straining. Without this heavy weight does not raise.

A static-dynamic exercises are done during normal breathing, which does not cause abrupt and strong increase of blood flow velocity.

Therefore, they are safe even in the elderly, and those with strong atherosclerosis. After all, here the problem is not to raise a lot of weight, and to reach the burning and pain, and a little patience it.

4) Another difference from the usual static-dynamic exercises full-range of movements is no need to work with near-limit for the person weights.

If improperly performed, movement or a bad workout, severe complications can result in injury.

Static dynamic movements are performed slowly and smoothly, with very little or without burdening him, so the preconditions for injuries almost none.

5) Static dynamic exercises absolutely undemanding to the place of employment.

In order to perform some exercise in static-dynamic style does not necessarily go to the fitness room.

For example, static-dynamic squats can be done anywhere without exception: in the elevator, in the bathroom, in the hallway, home, outdoors, and in all other places.

Bending the press can do before going to sleep in his bed.

Of course, to perform a set of exercises, it is desirable to find a separate room, such as a spare room. But one approach favorite exercises only enough desire and 1-2 minutes of free time.

6) According to studies, after performing exercise static dynamic hormones allocated even in slightly larger amount than usual after the movements.

7) In addition to recreational activities, static-dynamic exercises are working on so-called fine oxidation muscle fibers, which increase the conventional dynamic exercises fail.

But we will talk already next time.

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