Walking up the stairs, imperceptible exercise

Walking up the stairs

Walking up the stairs is an excellent way to exercise the leg muscles. This method of muscle activity stimulates the development of mitochondria in muscle fibers. Simply put, it increases endurance working muscle groups: quadriceps thighs, gluteus, to a lesser extent – hamstring.

However, in order to develop the muscles of a local endurance, a few simple rules you need to know.

Otherwise, paradoxically, climbing stairs can lead to loss of muscle mass legs.

Walking up the stairs
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Walking up the stairs

  1. To the muscles increases stamina, it is necessary to train their short pieces – no more than 10 seconds.

Those. using walking up the stairs, it is not necessary to climb to the top. Suffice it at a rapid pace to climb the steps up 15-20.

It takes about 10 seconds. The work should take, on average, no more than 10 seconds.

  1. After 10 seconds of intense muscular work is necessary to give your muscles rest.

You can stand or walk on the staircase. You can even slowly drop down to the starting point.

A rest period should take 45-60 seconds.

  1. After a rest, give your muscles for 10 seconds work. Again rest.
  2. Recommended number of such approaches – 20-30.

Training takes only 20-30 minutes. Ideally, you can even get up because on the 20th or 30th floor.

  1. If you climb one-step is very easy, it is possible to step through a few steps. It’s a little put a strain on the muscles. Will exercise a greater number of muscle fibers.
  2. Perform this exercise can be every day, or one every few days.
  3. You can check before the training endurance of leg muscles.

For example, to try to go to the maximum number of floors.

After a month and a half of training, plan review. You can be sure that your previous result you override both the number of floors surmounted, and on the rate of climb.

  1. If desired, over time, you can begin to train with weights.

This will increase not only endurance, but also the power of the working muscles.

  1. Exercising this way, it is likely over time to begin to take prizes in competitions on the rise skyscrapers.
  2. Walking the stairs – a great tool for weight loss.

Over time, your metabolism will accelerate. A motor activity increase, as climbing stairs – quite energy-intensive exercise.

  1. But the most important thing – is that the leg muscles will become much more hardy, a large number of mitochondria appear in them. This is very useful in all areas of life.
  2. Carry out walking the stairs is very easy in the city. Suffice it to go out into the stairwell.

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