What are the cleaning of the face and how to choose the best option?


Improvement of hardware cosmetology allows you to perform a purification procedure has a number of ways. To determine what kind of cleaning to give preference should be aware of all the pros and cons of this or that technique. It is not that one way is better, and the other – worse. When choosing a suitable option should be considered a personal preference and skin condition.

Mechanical cleaning of the face

Mechanical cleaning of the face does not belong to the hardware cosmetology. This procedure involves the following steps …

  • Steaming the face;
  • Disinfection and cleaning of pores directly.

Cosmetician in their work use the following set of tools …

  • Needle Vidal;
  • A spoonful of Una;
  • A spoon for the nose.

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These tools the doctor cleans the sebaceous ducts of comedowns, and then re-treat the skin with a disinfectant and does soothing mask.

Plus a mechanical cleaning of the face is its high efficiency – manual face cleaning for maximum clearance.

The downside of mechanical cleaning of the face can be called that on your face while the red spots are, and if you decide to carry out mechanical cleaning person at home, then you risk leaving scars. Therefore, mechanical cleaning should be performed only in the beauty salon. To remove the redness after a mechanical action, beauticians perform massage with liquid nitrogen and reliable sterilization of instruments will help prevent infection.

Ultrasonic cleaning of the face

For the procedure used ultrasonic device. The method consists in the following: high frequency sound vibrations destroy dead cells, open pores and their release from accumulated dirt. Ultrasound provides tonic effect and improves circulation.

Plus ultrasonic cleaning person that the skin does not need steam, and the procedure itself, in contrast to the mechanical cleaning of the face, a gentle and absolutely painless – since it does not leave marks and redness. To soothe the skin on the face and apply nourishing mask, and then a moisturizer.

The downside of ultrasonic cleaning person is that such cleaning does not allow to penetrate deep into the pores – it is aimed at the removal of surface contamination, in addition, the procedure is contraindicated for people with heart disease and hypertension.

Laser cleaning (laser peeling) face

For laser cleaning person using an apparatus which has a carbon laser. This laser affects the horny layer cells, literally “burning” it, and starts regeneration. This procedure helps to maximize the renewal of skin and collagen synthesis. The procedure does not traumatize the skin and does not cause pain.

Plus laser facial cleansing is that it allows you to get rid of a severe form of acne, even out the skin’s surface, the pores rid of this old comedowns and improve the turgor, and the risk of infection is absent.

The downside of laser cleaning the face is that the result will be visible in a few days, as the skin will need time to recover.

Vacuum cleaning person

The procedure is performed using a vacuum apparatus, which literally pulls on the principle of vacuum dirt from the pores. Such cleaning also requires preliminary steaming or the use of a special gel pore opening. At the end of the session on the person applied soothing mask. Usually, this procedure is carried out on small areas of the face where there are clusters of comedowns, it is not as traumatic as mechanical cleaning, but it is slightly inferior in efficacy, but on the skin surface dirt will save easily.

Minus vacuum cleaning face is that it is best used in combination with other methods, since it affects the upper layers of the epidermis. Vacuum cleaning is contraindicated for people with close to the surface of the skin capillaries.

Chemical cleaning of the face

This procedure consists in exposing the pores of fruit acids. The active substance in the composition peeling destroy dead cells, sebum alter structure and trigger processes of cell renewal. Peeling fruit acids helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles, improves complexion and eliminates skin imperfections. This is the least traumatic way to clean, so this method of cleaning the face is also called noninvasive.

Minus the cleaning person is that exfoliating fruit acids does not solve the problems of clogged pores and acne stuffy.

Atraumatic facial cleansing

Atraumatic cleaning of the face is skin cleansing without traumatizing effects. Made this kind of cleaning a soft surface chemical peeling. With peeling fruit acids deleted upper cornified layer, the pores are cleaned from contaminants. Atraumatic cleaning normalizes blood circulation, smoothes fine lines and encourages cell renewal.

Plus noninvasive facial cleansing is its safe conduct, does not require a rehabilitation period, the risk of infection is minimal, has no contraindications and is suitable for all skin types.

Minus monochromatic facial cleansing is that pollution will not go deep, the risk of developing an allergic reaction is increased (beautician must do a test on the reaction of allergy).

Whatever kind of cleansing your face you do not prefer, it is better to consult a beautician procedure to achieve excellent results and to avoid unintended consequences.

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