Why sore muscles after a workout?

sore muscles

Every person who starts (or resumes), athletic training, faced with the pain in the muscles. Sometimes it post-workout pain is the cause of the reluctance of people to exercise. How, then, to maintain a healthy body? Let’s understand why the sore muscles after a workout. Maybe nothing wrong with that.

Muscle pain is always associated with the destruction or inside the muscle fibers or muscle to break itself. Fortunately, muscle ruptures are rare even among professionals, and even lovers need to work hard to break the muscle.

But gaps myofibrils inside the muscle fibers – a natural and inevitable moment of muscle training. Tear myofibrils not all, but only those that are shorter than the others. Moreover, the pain in the muscle does not occur immediately after training and after 1-2 days, and 3 to -5 days disappears completely.

Consider the cause of the pain more.

sore muscles
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Why sore muscles after a workout?

During physical training muscles to perform various works. But inside muscle fibers occurs always the same: myofibrils (the contractile elements of muscle fibers) contract and relax.

If at any point in the load during the relaxation (the so-called negative phase of the movement) becomes a near-limit, the individual myofibrils burst.

It feels like it did not identify. But if you do a biopsy, it is possible to detect the burst myofibrils.

All that is broken, it is no longer for the body to any value from the position display of force. However, any myofibril – a set of useful amino acids. And the body begins to destroy the burst myofibrils for subsequent use in the construction of new amino acid components of muscle cells.

As occurs recycling burst myofibrils

Next to the torn myofibrils formed special “digestive” cell elements – lysosomes, which are beginning to break down (“digest”) residues myofibrils.

Formed in the process of breaking molecules bind the available water within the muscle fibers. Muscle cells become starved of free water, and it is gaining its outside.

As a result, the cell an excess of substances, due to the additional water. It increases muscle fiber size (muscle fiber – is the same as that of the cell).

Membranes muscle fibers are stretched, and nociceptors located in these membranes are stimulated. We begin to feel the pain with every movement of the muscle fiber.

When is the pain in the muscles?

Usually the pain in the muscles is enhanced in 1-2 days after your workout.

Through generally already broken down to amino acids state 3-5 days all burst myofibrils. Free radicals disappear water exits from the bound state, and the excess water is discharged from the cell.

The membranes of muscle cells returned to normal, and the sensation of pain disappears.

How to avoid sore muscles after a workout

At constant classes, myofibrils inside muscle fibers are approximately the same length, which excludes their rupture.

So, the only way to not feel the pain after exercise – is constantly train the proper muscles. When the muscles are trained, and breaks between workouts is not too long, there is pain in the muscles should not be.

If the pain occurs after each workout for a long time, it means to include the work of the new types of muscle fibers. Those where there are still myofibrils of different lengths.

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