Yoga for weight loss: Why does it work and what was going on?


At the beginning of this article I must say that the attitude of yoga I have the most negative. It is the doctrine, not a set of exercises. If you do not clog the exercise thoughts about the chakras, kundalini energy and nirvana, that yoga can bring tangible benefits to the body and the so-called Yoga for weight loss can help to lose weight.

After all, what is yoga, if you do not take the religious component, and dwell only on the exercises? In fact, it’s the same callanetics. A callanetics perfectly helps to lose weight, especially when dealing with a person in compliance with proper nutrition.

What is Callanetics? It is, above all patience. It is thanks to patience callanetics gave and gives such wonderful results.

It is thanks to the patience of yoga for weight loss as a result of keeping up with Callanetics.

Let me further explain the situation. I am sure that if a class will become even more effective.

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Yoga for weight loss – Why it works?

Typically yoga slimming is a set of certain postures (exercise), combined with breathing. Sometimes all this is complemented by the recommendations of certain mental reflections, views, etc.

We throw out everything except the exercise to understand the effectiveness of yoga for health.

Yoga, unlike Callanetics is a static system of exercises. Those during exercise is important statics – immobility fixing posture. There are, of course, and dynamic exercises, but they are a minority.

When practice man captures any position, he had to endure. At least in the beginning sessions precisely because the body has not yet acquired (or not returned) the desired flexibility.

Moreover, once acquired flexibility, patience, and the effect is reduced to zero, the health benefits of yoga and weight loss completely disappears. Why is that?

Yoga helps release hormones

When a person suffers when he was uncomfortable when you want to complete the exercise, the endocrine system is such a person in small doses secretes hormones.

For whole body stand hormones such as testosterone (after intermediate isolation of other stimulating hormone), and growth hormone.

First – testosterone – perfectly strengthens the immune system (and, in both men and women), as well as contribute to some increase in muscle tissue.

Second – growth hormone – promotes vascular health, a natural therapeutic and prophylactic agent against atherosclerosis.

How Yoga helps to lose weight

But it is important for weight loss a little more.

Do exercises (more indirectly) help stimulate fatty acids out of the fat depots in the effort? This is facilitated by secretion of the hormone norepinephrine from nerve endings in the muscles, which then stimulates the fat cells to release fatty acids into the blood

But if fatty acid will be released into the blood, and the body will not experience a shortage of energy, they simply return back, and weight loss will not happen.

However, the isolation of growth hormone and testosterone slightly stimulate metabolism. This means that the energy for the existence of the body becomes need a little more. And starts using the additional sources of energy – isolated in blood fats.

In addition, yoga has always involves an intensification of breath in any way. This further increases the metabolism and energy expenditure.

But the most important for weight loss through yoga is proper nutrition.

If, after training, when the fatty acid is recovered in the blood, the body will experience some shortage of energy, successfully begin to recycle these same fatty acids. And run the process of losing weight.

In such a scenario works callanetics.

The same scenario works and yoga for weight loss: eating right and exercise. This is quite enough.

Everything else that are mixed in yoga, let’s leave the Indians.

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