Lose weight after giving birth: 20 tips on how to lose weight

After giving birth is normal to feel weighed down and out of shape. As explains Dr. Roberta Spiti, Doctor Nutritionist of GEPO Center, a few extra pounds is natural physiologically, especially for women who are breastfeeding, which need greater energy reserve. However, you can get back on track with a soft diet, healthy eating habits and small attentions that make the difference. That’s all the advice to follow …

1) No to diets drastic

After giving birth drastic diets are not recommended because the new mother must stay energetic and healthy. The ideal is to study a particular program for gradually lose the excess weight gained during pregnancy.

2) Reasonable

must also keep in mind that the presence of a modest accumulation of weight – about 3 kg postpartum – is physiological and constitutes a ‘stock’ of energy that scholars take into account to calculate the needs of the woman during the eventual lactation .

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3) Nursing

In fact, if you are breastfeeding and want to get on a diet, you have to keep in mind a few factors: the extra energy needs during the first 6 months of breastfeeding is 330 kcal more per day than usual power. Such additional caloric intake is calculated as the difference between the actual energy cost for the production of milk and the energy contained in kg of spare accumulated during pregnancy.

4) 6 months to recover

In this way, the mother should produce enough milk for the baby and, in the meantime, gradually lose weight over a period of six months after childbirth, returning to pre-pregnancy weight.

5) Use caution when

If, however, after giving birth you have accumulated for more than 3/4 kg physiological of which we told you about, is the case to adopt ad hoc eating habits, but, once again, avoiding too strict diets.

6) Target? Gr 500 month

To give you a reference, the ideal is to lose about 500 grams per month, especially if you’re breastfeeding, why not nutritional revenue to produce enough milk and good quality. Better, then, a very slimming soft, but steady.

7) Diet + movement

To lose weight, the ideal mix consists of healthy eating and physical activity, but also quest ultima should be resumed gradually and moderately. You can, for example, start with some brisk walking for 30 minutes a day and some exercise at the park while you lean the stroller (squats, side leg lift …).

8) A menu balanced

How to divide the calories throughout the day? The doctor may want to distribute them evenly between breakfast, lunch and dinner by inserting one or two appetite suppressant snacks throughout the day.

9) Snacks

The snacks are important to not get hungry at meals: a fruit, a juicer, an energy bar light … Especially if you’re out, remember to always have them at hand.

10) Eye to sweet!

Here are the foods with ‘red alert’: to lose weight you will need to strictly limit sweets, which raise insulin and make you accumulate fat.

11) To savory snacks

Snacks, sausages … They are all foods that, in addition to providing many calories and few nutrients, encourage the recruitment of excess salt. Ergo, cellulite to go.

12) The junk food

Adopt healthy habits is the very first step to lose weight after giving birth without force. Eliminate calorie bombs as fast food, fried foods and unnecessary fat, you also earn healthy.

13) Yes to protein

Proteins are important both from an energy point of view for both muscle training: do you prefer white meat, fish, eggs, low-fat cheese and legumes, to be included in every meal.

14) Super yes to plants

Fruits and vegetables – preferably fresh – must always be present in good quantity: five recommended portions throughout the day.

15) No alcohol

Beware of alcohol, which besides being contraindicated for the child; make you fill up on calories in me no time. The glass of wine occasionally may be granted, but if you really want to lose weight it is best to delete it, makes all the difference!

16) Limit sugar ‘to drink’

Attention also to the sugary drinks like sodas and sugary juices: Yes, they are a source of liquid, but bring a surplus of unnecessary calories and few nutrients.

17) Yes to the Mediterranean diet

In the postpartum period, especially if you are still breastfeeding, even carbohydrates should not be missed because they are a source of energy and valuable nutrients. He prefers those rich in fiber and whole, seasoned with simple sauces to vegetables or fresh fish.

18) Drink much

Hydrate the body is critical, both to clean it of toxins, both to drain excess liquid. How to drink? At least two liters of water a day.

19) Help yourself with infusion

To increase the liquid income, especially if you’re not used to drinking plenty of water throughout the day, prepared the lighter teas, digestive and calming properties.

20) Finally be motivated!

Motivation is everything: gratified with little pampering for their achievements, give yourself mini targets and, especially, loved the way you are, but aspiring to the fullest!

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