Can You Really Get Out of Bed on the Wrong Side?

“Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!” is a saying that we hear all too often. But is there any truth behind the theory that you can get out of the wrong side of your bed, or are there simply no excuses for our grumpy behaviour at times?

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Why Do We Have ‘Bad Days’?

Lack of sleep is the most common cause for adults and children alike to feel grumpy, particularly in the morning or late at night. A survey found that 90% of people it asked in the UK wake up tired three days in seven, and that it is 10am before they even begin to feel alive again. With sleep deprivation leading to feelings of anxiety and causing the sufferer to be anti-social, it is no wonder why those around feel the need to comment on their behaviour.

The Science Behind the Right and Wrong Side

It seems there is no left and right side when discussing the bed: figures show that there’s only a left and wrong side! A poll of 2,000 adults found that those who got out of bed on the right side are more likely to feel tired and irritable than those who get out of bed on the left side. Although these numbers point to some kind of scientific reason, most employers would think we were crazy if we put our lack of motivation down to the way in which we got out of bed. Looks like we might have to deal with this issue alone after all!

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How to Deal with Tiredness

To be in with a chance of having a productive day, tired folk (including those who got up from the right side of the bed) should consider taking action. Whether this is by adopting a positive attitude, doing some morning exercises, eating a healthier breakfast or or by taking a liquid iron supplement (see, trying to tackle your state of mind is the only thing you can do to turn your day around. It is quite amazing how a balanced diet can affect your mental stability, as is highlighted by editors at the Mental Health organisation.

Nobody likes to be around a grumpy person, so don’t be the one who brings everyone else down and do something about it!

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