The best you can have consuming Purple Drank

Purple Drank mostly makes with using some addictive stuff such as codeine and promethazine from its main ingredient cough syrup. The seductive feeling that produced from them, made the drink as one of the best party drinks on earth. No wonder how it has gained a tremendous reputation from million of the consumer across the globe. When someone drinks enough of the drink mixture, the vital element codeine start to produce euphoria and its other component promethazine directly affects someone’s motor skills. The sizzurp drink mixture also causes a lack of energy and enthusiasm and creates drowsiness feeling in the body.

A cough medicine with active promethazine and codeine are not the only kinds that are frequently used for making Purple drank. There is also Dextromethorphan (DXM) which is a cough suppressant now vastly uses in many over-the-counter cough medications. All of the above elements of cough syrup have narcotic effects in the human body.  This unique mixed combination of cough syrup and other subordinate stuff can able to slow down our body movements and perceptions. Leading to an unusual phenomenon can drive us to a slow-paced style of music in this state. If you take an example of some hip-hop musicians like Kanye West, Ludacris, Eminem and many others have already publicly acknowledged their preference for Sizzurp drinks. It has also created a new form of hip-hop style that slows down the track due to their consumption of Purple Drank in their deteriorated states of mind. It has become very famous by knowing as “chopped and screwed”.

When this unique formulation of drink is adding with some kind of alcoholic beverages or mix along with ecstasy, it can even deliver more sensational feeling.

Now, there are many kinds of lean drink out there in the market. For example, when there is about to prepare a Purple Drank then you have to use cough syrup which is a purple color. But if you want to twist the drink by adding some different colors of syrup, you can do that and trust me they will produce the same result. Golden color syrup (hydrocodone based) is using widely and at the same time other colors too.
Purple Drank definitely makes you feel awesome. It is made to be sipped on and the taste is also phenomenal. It’s like getting the best feelings that someone could ever experience. Here you can find more information:

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