What is a Regulated Activity with Adults?

If you require checks to be made to see whether you are eligible to work with adults or children, you may have heard of the term Regulated Activity. What does this mean exactly, particularly if you work with adults?

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Defining Regulated Activity

Regulated Activity is a term used to describe various job activities that someone may carry out, as laid out by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). These regulations are used to ascertain whether someone is eligible for an Enhanced Level DBS check, or a check of the DBS Barred Lists.

It is illegal for someone who is on the barred list to seek work or carry out activities in which they are barred. According to Safeguarding Matters, it’s also a criminal activity for anyone to knowingly employ a barred person for Regulated Activity with Adults.

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Regulated Activity can relate to activity with children or adults. If you need to determine if a particular job role is classed as Regulated Activity, it’s advisable to consult the DBS for guidance on what type of activities are included.

Regulated Activity with Adults

To determine whether a role is eligible for classification as Regulated Activity for Adults, there are typically six key areas or activities that will fit within this criteria.

If staff provide health care or personal care to individuals, for example, this will be included. Any type of social work will also be regarded as Regulated Activity. If you also provide general assistance to an adult, which might include managing their finances, bills or organising their shopping, this is deemed eligible as Regulated Activity.

Providing assistance with an adult’s personal affairs, such as acting as power of attorney, is another qualifying criteria, as is conveying or giving transport to an adult to places providing health care.

If you also work as a manager to someone who provides Regulated Activity with Adults, this is classified as Regulated Activity.

You only need to carry out any of these activities just the once for them to qualify under this category, and, therefore, be eligible for a DBS check, such as those offered by http://www.carecheck.co.uk/.

It is worth bearing in mind that if you carry out an activity in the capacity as a family member, friend or personal relationship, this is exempt from the list of roles that make up Regulated Activity.

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