The Best Clothing Brands for Muscular Men

If you’ve started hitting the gym, you might have noticed that your clothes don’t fit as well as they used to. It’s not just that you’ve lost the beer belly and gained enviable biceps, it’s the cut. Men’s clothing is usually designed to fit the average male shape – narrow shoulders, widening to the waist – unless it’s designer clothes in which case it’s cut for super-skinny male models.

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So where should you look for mens designer clothes that are made to fit an in-shape guy?

Ron Dorff

Yes, these are an active wear designer, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear their clothes outside the gym. For a casual look, show off your new shape in clothes that were designed to do just that, to make you look great at the gym. Great fabrics and a great cut combine to make these clothes look good wherever you choose to wear them.


This brand has reached cult status by offering great casual wear to the discerning dresser. Whether it’s t shirts, hoodies, polos or shirts, there’s something in the Superdry range for everyone. You can browse this and other great designer ranges at

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Calvin Klein

As we know from their billboard adverts and the size of the models on their runway, Calvin Klein cut their clothes for well-built guys. They’re a brand that know how to dress your body shape – if you’re not sure what that is, then check here ( CK clothes tend to be wider in the shoulder and narrow at the waist, just like your new shape.

Hugh & Crye

This shirt maker makes their shirts to fit 12 different body shapes. Yes, there’s a premium price to pay for this service, but it’s worth it to know that you look great.


The perfect match for Hugh & Crye, Spoke make trousers with plenty of space for glutes that have seen a squat or two. Tapering to the ankle, you won’t get the flappy-leg effect that you sometimes have to put up with to accommodate your post leg-day quads.

There are more brands we could mention – Clements and Church for suits, Levis for jeans and J. Crew for formal wear. You might not find what you want on the high street, but here’s no reason not to look great, whatever your shape.

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