Exploring Kratom and its Varieties

Mitragyna Speciosa or Kratom, as it is widely known, is a tropical evergreen tree native to the Southeast Asian regions. It has been a part of traditional medicine since the 19th century when its beneficial effects came to light. It comprises of some remarkable biologically active compounds called alkaloids that are quite powerful and provide the leaves with their unique properties. There are multiple sub strains that can be found of Kratom and the availability of so many options can create confusion, especially because the potency and effects of each can vary. First off, it is vital to remember that this herb grows in several countries in Southeast Asia.

This includes Indonesia, Brunei, Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Myanmar and other adjoining areas. The most surprising part is that the Kratom plants that grow in these regions are not identical. Yes, they all have the same alkaloids, but the chemical composition is different because the concentration of every compound varies. Therefore, the Kratom obtained from different localities has a different pharmacology. As the recreational and therapeutic benefits of Kratom are all derived from the alkaloids found in it, the difference in chemical composition can also lead to different effects and benefits.

This is one of the primary reasons why some Kratom strains boast medicinal properties while others are good for recreational use. However, this is not the only way Kratom is categorized. If you do a search on the web, you will also find the different vein types listed. Leaves of the Kratom plant are similar to regular ones and they have a web of veins called venation. The color and pattern of the veins will vary and this can determine the characteristics and properties of that particular Kratom. Generally, the veins are of three colors; green, red and white and each induces different properties that work at different speeds.

Some strains of Kratom are slow in taking effect as they are the more relaxing and sedating type. This doesn’t mean they have fewer effects; it refers to strains that are useful for promoting overall well-being instead of targeting a specific cause. If you are suffering from insomnia, these strains work well as they calm your nerves, relieve stress and help you relax. They can also uplift your mood and give your confidence a boost. Moderate strains of Kratom are recommended for improving social interactions and can reduce stress.

They are not intense and are widely used by people who are looking for a natural and healthy herbal supplement. As far as fast Kratom strains are concerned, they can offer striking benefits to the user. You will be able to enjoy mood enhancement, increase in productivity and improvement in cognition, high social compatibility, pain control and easing of opiate withdrawal. These are great for people who have busy routines, particularly the red vein versions, because they don’t induce feelings of lethargy and are handy for reducing anxiety and stress.

As long as you know what you need, buying the right kind of Kratom becomes easier.

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