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If you’ve got a dental appointment coming up, hopefully it’s a routine check-up and not because you have a toothache. To get you in the mood, here is a list of songs about teeth. There’s more than you think! Whether it’s about getting your teeth fixed or the wonderful smile of someone you love, it seems this body part has inspired musical dedications:

  1. Dentist – Steve Martin

The Little Shop of Horrors was a 1986 rock musical comedy movie starring Steve Martin as a rather sadistic dentist addicted to nitrous oxide! He wasn’t a very nice character at all but thankfully in reality, dentists have a fantastic chair side manner compared to this fiend.

  1. Savoy Truffle – The Beatles

Released in 1968, this song is a tribute to a friend who had a rather unhealthy obsession with chocolate and was always having work done at the dentist. After the dentist told him that he really needed to give up eating so much sweet stuff, George Harrison wrote this song. A cautionary tale to us all about the dangers of too much sugar. If it’s time you had a check-up then visit an Orthodontic Dentist Cardiff like

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  1. Crooked Teeth – Death Cab for Cutie

This indie rock band song was taken from their fifth album and released in 2006. Inspired by the literary works of Raymond Carver who writes about the trials and tribulations of ordinary people, it possibly relates to those who can’t afford to get their teeth fixed. Thankfully, that’s not a problem with many affordable payment plans available for all kinds of cosmetic dental treatment these days.

  1. Kicked in the Teeth – AC/DC

If this happened in reality, you’d definitely need a trip to the dentist. It can also be a metaphor for getting knocked when you’re already feeling down. This song tells the story of being hurt in love by a ‘two-faced woman’. Written by Bon Scott and Angus Young, they clearly had some ups and downs in their love lives at this time!

  1. White Teeth Teens – Lorde

This is a song about those seemingly perfect, beautiful teens who put pressure on others to be just like them and isolate kids who are different. Unless you’re in their ‘group’, you’re a nobody in school. Lorde is speaking out for the kids who never felt part of this perfect set. Teeth whitening is not the preserve of the rich and famous anymore, with affordable treatments available at most clinics now.

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  1. Your Gold Teeth – Steely Dan

This song was taken from the album Countdown to Ecstasy, released in 1973. It’s a tale about women who use their bodies to try to secure a rich sugar daddy. The fact that some would gamble their own gold teeth to get something better. She has nothing to offer but her body and uses and manipulates men to tie them down.

  1. Summerteeth – Wilco

This was the name of the studio album released by the band in 1999. The concepts and lyrics of the songs were quite dark and the lead singer worried it might upset his listeners so the tunes were made to be upbeat and almost pop-like. Summerteeth refers to the sweetness of the tune but the bite of the lyrics.


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