Home remedies to cure infilled tonsils and adenoids removal

Home Remedies to Cure Infilled Tonsils

Anyone who has ever suffered from inflamed tonsils or tonsillitis knows very well how annoying these can become. And if you are reading this because it is the first time you have this condition and you do not know what to do, you do not need to look for more.

What is tonsils and adenoids removal?

Home Remedies to Cure Infilled Tonsils


Here we offer you some home remedies not only to heal inflamed tonsils and adenoids removal but also to alleviate all the discomforts that they entail. These are simple and economical methods to carry out products that are usually in our homes so you will not have difficulty going to them. Continue reading: The most frequent diseases of the skin

Why do the tonsils become inflamed?

The tonsils are lymph nodes that are found at the back of the mouth and in the upper part of the throat. Normally it has always been removed, especially when the inflammation affected small children, but in recent times has begun to dispense with this practice as they begin to assess the benefits of the tonsils to the body.

Tonsils are necessary because they eliminate bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, thus preventing infections and diseases. However, tonsillitis, also known as angina, occurs precisely because of a virus spread by a foreign element that comes through the air or through direct contact. This infection can affect one or both tonsils.

Approximately in 40% of cases, this infection usually lasts between two and three days although it depends on the treatment and the level of severity that exists. There are patients who have had symptoms for a week.

Symptoms of inflamed tonsils

Home Remedies to Cure Infilled Tonsils

There are some basic symptoms to pay attention to determine if we are suffering from tonsillitis although, ultimately, you should always go to the doctor to make a more accurate diagnosis.

How to know if I have Amigadlitis? Here the answer:

  • Difficulty swallowing and ingesting fluids due to inflammation of the throat
  • Fever , although sometimes it may not appear
  • Severe sore throat that lasts more than a couple of days
  • Earache as inflammation extends to the auditory system. This symptom does not have to appear.
    Tiredness and headache with the feeling of being dull.
  • Difficulty breathing through the inflamed throat
  • Pus in the throat
  • Sensation of dry mouth
  • Pain in the jaws
  • Aphonia or loss of voice
  • Home Remedies for inflamed tonsils

Here are some home remedies to combat the discomfort caused by inflammation of the tonsils.



Garlic for tonsils garlic of one of the natural products with more bactericidal properties, so its use as an antibiotic is very effective in cases of infections and inflammations.

In this case, to reduce the inflammation that causes tonsillitis, it is recommended to eat a clove of garlic fasting with a glass of water.

Garlic and honey

Another remedy for inflamed tonsils is to make a syrup based on garlic and honey . In this way, we were able to combine the antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties of garlic with the benefits of honey, which resulted in pain relief, mucus reduction and the avoidance of discomfort caused by the infection.

The way to make this syrup is to crush a clove of raw garlic and mix it with a spoonful of honey . You have to take a spoonful on an empty stomach that can be diluted in half a glass of warm water to make it easier.

Lemon and baking powder

Gargle lemon and baking

The mixture of these two ingredients results in a powerful antibacterial, that is, a more than effective remedy to fight infection of the tonsils.

What you have to do is make juice of a lemon, add a glass of water to reduce it and then take a teaspoon of baking soda. The mixture is thoroughly stirred and used to gargle five times a day.

Gargling with lemon and salt

In this case, the remedy is very similar to the previous one since we continue to take advantage of the properties of the lemon only by mixing it with salt instead of baking soda, an alternative if at home you do not have the latter.

Infusion of chamomile and sage

Infusion of chamomile and sage

Chamomile and sage for tonsils and adenoids removal the previous remedies are too unpleasant or the lemon is too strong, you can resort to these medicinal plants with a milder flavor but identical efficacy because they are also bactericidal and antiseptic.

To use this remedy you have to take 15 grams of chamomile and 15 leaves of sage and make approximately one liter of infusion. After boiling it, let it rest for about ten minutes. This infusion must be taken four times a day in small sips and never too hot.

Gargano of oregano

Oregano for sore throatOregano is not only a great antiseptic but also has anti-inflammatory properties, something that comes very well in the case of tonsillitis. It is one of the simplest remedies because you simply have to put a teaspoon of oregano in a cup of hot water and let it rest . After straining it, it can be taken as an infusion or used to gargle throughout the day.

Infusion of thyme and lemon

thyme and lemon

The infusion of thyme and lemon helps strengthen the immune system, which makes the body better able to respond to the attack of viruses and bacteria.

Drinking this tea relieves irritation of the throat, reduces inflammation of the tonsils and alleviates symptoms such as excess production of mucus.

To do this, you have to put a cup of water on the fire and once it starts to boil, add a tablespoon of thyme and juice of half a lemon . After letting the drink rest, strain it and sweeten it with a little honey. It can be taken up to twice a day.

Gargling with calendula and honey

Calendula and honey tea is another of those mixtures of natural products that are very effective in fighting the infection of the tonsils: it is anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antibiotic, so we will not need to combine it with any other remedy.

To do this we have to add a spoonful of calendula flowers to a cup of boiling water and add honey afterwards . After letting it rest for a few minutes, the mixture is strained and the result is gargled for two minutes. This treatment must be done twice a day.

Rosemary gargles

Rosemary is another essential plant in diseases such as tonsillitis. It is antiseptic, relieves pain, reduces inflammation, eliminates infection … so it is one of the most complete natural products to treat the discomfort of inflamed tonsils.

The development of this remedy involves some steps more than the previous ones but it is worth it. Put half a cup of white wine, two tablespoons of honey and two sprigs of rosemary on the fire . Let it boil and then the result sneaks in and gargle with it three times a day. The liquid should be at most warm, never hot.

Apple and honey vinegar

Apple and honey vinegar

This mixture has natural acids that contribute to alter the environment in which microorganisms proliferate, which not only prevents infections from occurring but also slows down those that do not develop.

The recipe is as simple as adding a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar and a spoonful of honey to a glass of hot water and sipping it when it is still hot, without letting it cool down as it would lose its effect.

Gargling with salt and baking

The mixture of these two components helps to eliminate the presence of bacteria in the mouth, responsible for causing not only tonsillitis but other diseases. In addition to facilitating the elimination of germs, they also have anti-inflammatory effects.

This solution is simple: just take a teaspoon of salt and another of baking soda in half a glass of warm water . After stirring well, you have to gargle, never swallow the liquid. It can be repeated two or three times a day. You might also read: http://depressiontrouble.com/how-to-get-rid-of-anxiety-nausea/

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