First time gym tips: What you should and should not do

First time gym tips

The first day is always complicated. Whatever it is, the first day always has some complications, not knowing where you are going or the people you are going to deal with generates a certain insecurity that makes us act in a strange or erratic way. Today what we want is that your first day at the gym is as normal and beneficial as possible. So, we give you the first time gym tips for having a fantastic first day. Let’s start!

First time gym tips

First time gym tips

Those of us who train frequently in a sports center usually notice that at this time (as at the beginning of the year) there is an increase in the number of people in the room. Usually, it is a punctual boom, many leave a few weeks and never heard from them again. Keep reading: Yoga for weight loss: Why does it work and what was going on?

Obviously having the summer around the corner are many who in a desperate attempt to get in shape eagerly go to the gym on duty, but beware, many arrive with preconceived ideas or objectives that are not feasible to achieve. So today we will try to give you some tips so that your first day (and successive) are successful and you take the healthy habit of doing sports on a regular basis.

Before your first day

First time gym tips

Make it easy: It is very good that your gym has an Olympic pool, three Jacuzzis, sauna or solarium. But keep in mind one thing, there will be days when it rains, snow, cold or just lazy to go to train, so a key point is to have the gym at hand. Close to home, or a few streets from work is ideal, and the more flexible the schedule, the better. Do not put obstacles before you start.

Do not be in a hurry: The results come, but not from one day to the next. Never think in the short term, always think of weeks and months, never days. One of the main reasons for abandonment is the lack of motivation to not see visible results in the short term.

On the first day

Ask, ask and ask: On your first day you will surely be pretty lost, so do not play the brave and ask the monitor/coach in your room. Absolutely nothing happens, we’ve all been first-timers someday. Although it seems that you know the operation of a certain machine or that you know how to do a certain exercise, it is often not the case. The exact placement, breathing, speed of realization are important aspects that surely you will not know on your first day. No one looks at the questioner, but at the one who performs an exercise poorly (apart from the obvious risk of injury).

The biggest is not always the example to follow: Although sometimes it is so, not always the biggest in your gym is the one that knows the most or the one that performs the exercises best. Or you may simply look for different results with a particular exercise, so do not copy it. The normal thing is that the coach of the room is the one who can give you the best advice.

First time gym tips

Dress up the sport, without passing: Many times a newbie is easily identified by his clothing. Wear sportswear and, above all, comfortable. But do not exaggerate with the accessories (tapes, wristbands, caps, iPod, etc), most of them use quite old clothes that show a good part of the musculature to observe the congestion of the muscles when performing the exercises. However, you can find everything. They say that in variety there’s pleasure…

Integrate: As in many other sports there is usually a certain “co-worker” in the gym if you are friendly, it is normal for others to be with you and throw a cable if you need it. Do not intimidate yourself for being new, act naturally.

Train with your head: On your first day you have to leave tired and sweaty from the room, but do not pass, remember that it is about achieving long-term results. Leave something saved so that you will want to return on consecutive days.

Everything will be better: The first day you do not know where it is at all, you do not know anyone, and possibly you will get stoned the next day. But think that from that day everything will improve, you will go to the gym, meet people, and improve your physical condition. Cheer up!

With these First time gym tips, you have everything you need to succeed on your first day in the gym. Remember that the important thing is to take a training routine, that the gym becomes one more activity of your day to day, only then you can get the results you’re looking for. Keep reading:

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