Summer remedies: how to deal with natural products

summer remedies

Summer has already arrived, with its sunny days and the temperatures that inevitably arise. Often, however, the heat can play bad jokes, especially if it is not dealt with properly. Addressing above all, but not limited to, those most at risk, the Ministry of Health has issued some instructions to follow to avoid unpleasant surprises. So, let’s discuss how to deal with summer remedies.

Summer remedies

summer remedies

Cramps, edema, cutaneous rash, heat stroke and dehydration are indicators of a malaise that is likely to be linked, or aggravated, by heat. Pay attention to any weaknesses and avoid going out during the hottest hours of the day, especially if you are not in good physical condition. Keep reading: Strategies to improve coexistence in class through music

Elderly, children and individuals with hypertension, heart failure and renal failure are the categories that most of all must pay attention to the following. The advice remains valid for all of us, as well as the knowledge of the symptoms that can hint at a heat stroke.


summer remedies

The recommended remedies are simple, but quite effective if followed. The first indication is to dress light, an advice sometimes underestimated, but that can be important. In this case the use of “green” materials such as cotton and linen will make it easier to endure the summer heat, especially if worn in very light colors if not white.

As already mentioned in the guide to the choice (or not choice) of air conditioners , consumption during the day of abundant doses of fruit and vegetables will make real miracles, both in terms of the need for vitamins, minerals and sugars, but also making the ‘alpha less difficult to tolerate. A completely natural remedy, as well as tasty and pleasant, to enjoy the beautiful days without the stress of the thermometer.

summer remedies

An advice that recent events in the news have made it not so obvious car concerns: do not stand under the sun even for shorter or shorter periods of time, nor leave other people or animals. Last, but only on the list is one of the most important suggestions: never forget hydration. In summer you have to drink a lot, at least two liters of water a day. High temperatures tend to make us dehydrate easily, better not to take risks.

At the end,

If then the heat stroke should seize us, or we find ourselves rescuing someone who has been the victim. It is good not to lose your temper and proceed as follows. Follow our Summer remedies. Move the person in need in a shaded and ventilated place, refreshing it with wet clothes or splashes of water and of course drinking it to rehydrate. In this case, avoid the administration of antipyretic drugs and contact the rescue as soon as possible. You might also like:

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