How to make hair soft and straight?

how to make hair soft and straight

If we want to achieve a smoother and brighter hair it is essential that we hydrate it correctly and that we do not punish it excessively with chemical products. We can get a smoother and brighter hair with some home remedies and natural, without having to spend money on products that promise miraculous results. Discover how to make hair soft and straight.

How to make hair soft and straight?

how to make hair soft and straight

These chemicals are often full of harmful ingredients for the hair and for health in general. Discover in this article the best tips to get a splendid and healthy mane. Continue reading: Get back your radiant smile with teeth whitening

Daily brushing for softer hair

The first advice to get a softer hair is the simplest and oldest. You should brush your hair every day with a natural bristle brush.

We will not do it to untangle it or to comb our hair, but to stimulate the circulation of the scalp and distribute the natural sebum of the hair from the root to the tips.

There is no better product than the hair’s own fat. If you have very oily hair, we recommend you do it before washing it.

Choose a natural shampoo

how to make hair soft and straight

Although conventional shampoos promise results full of shine and softness, the truth is that they achieve it artificially and provisionally by the use of silicones and other synthetic ingredients.

These components only cause showy results for a short period of time, since they then cause an excess of fat. In addition, in the long term they cause even more frizziness and dryness. Choose natural shampoos free of sulfates, silicones and parabens and your health will also appreciate it.

Start with the conditioner or the mask

When you go to wash your hair, apply the conditioner or the mask first and dry . Let them act for five minutes and wash your hair with the usual shampoo.

In this way, the product penetrates much better in the hair fibers and also creates a protective barrier while you apply the shampoo.

Jojoba oil serum

Do you usually apply a serum after washing your hair to avoid frizziness and get a softer and easier to comb hair?

how to make hair soft and straight

We recommend that you replace your usual product with jojoba oil. This wonderful vegetable oil is the one that has a texture more similar to the sebum of the hair and the skin, so that it gives a natural appearance and nothing fatty.

You should apply it on the hair still wet and in very little quantity. Just a few drops spread on your hands to massage your hair.

Coconut sunscreen

Are you going to the pool, the beach or sunbathing? These are three of the main enemies of the hair, because, although they are very healthy, they can dry it too much and leave it rough and frizzy.

Do not stop going, but remember to apply a sunscreen on your hair, the same way you would on the skin .

The most natural and economic is coconut oil , excellent for skin and hair. Use it in small quantities and you will notice its delicious smell and its pleasant softness.

Cut off tips in full moon

how to make hair soft and straight

Almost no woman has the habit of cutting her hair on a regular basis. On the contrary, we tend to be quite lazy to do it or we want to leave it long.

However, the hair is spoiled by multiple factors and, although it grows, each time it looks more subdued and punished.

We can get in the habit of cutting only the tips every two months. With an inch would be enough.

To really be a beneficial cut for the health and appearance of the hair, we recommend doing it during the full moon.

Although we do not believe it, the lunar phases affect our health and also our hair , and the full moon is the ideal time to stimulate the follicle and make the hair grow strong and healthy.

Night hair massage

Who does not like a massage? You can let them massage you or do it yourself since this simple technique helps us stimulate hair growth, prevent falling and gain volume and softness in a natural way.

Every night, before going to bed, we will make circles on the scalp, from the forehead to the nape, exerting enough pressure to move the tissue without hurting us. This massage also has relaxing effects that will help us to rest better, which will also affect our hair. You might also like:

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