How to turn fat to muscle within short time?

How to turn fat to muscle

A balanced diet is essential to losing the accumulated fat before strengthening the muscle. Also, we must also take into account the stretches and achieve adequate rest. There are many myths in relation to this change. Such as when abdominals are made, the fat deposits become well-marked muscles. In this article, we are going to discuss how to turn fat to muscle.

How to turn fat to muscle?

How to turn fat to muscle

Many people go to the gym with the idea that when training muscles accumulated fat will become fibers. Unfortunately, that does not happen like that. However, do not get discouraged, because you can eliminate it in another way. Continue reading: Summer remedies: how to deal with natural products

First of all, you need to understand how fat works. It is a reserve of energy that the body uses for those times when it does not get enough food. Up there all perfect. The problem lies in the copious intakes of fats which only serve to make us sick, get fat and make us look bad.

For the fat to disappear from our body we must perform a specific type of exercise: aerobic. This one needs a lot of energy at the moment (which “leaves” the fat reserves once the organism has already exhausted all the glycogen). Second, it is necessary to eat healthily and not add more fats to the body. In this way, the accumulated than the “new” will end sooner.

How to turn fat to muscle

Little by little the fat will disappear and will give rise to the muscle. Doing crunches is not enough to transform fat into muscle, although it is a very interesting exercise to tone the area. In addition, they serve to take even a part of fat for energy.

Having toned muscles makes the metabolism work faster and even at rest, the body “feeds” fat reserves. Of course, under no point of view, only the series of crunches are enough to stop having a bulging belly and move to a strong and marked.

Loss of fat vs increase in muscle mass

How to turn fat to muscle

These two concepts are repeated ad nauseam in gyms and diets. The problem is that many times we confuse them or, rather, we relate them in the wrong way.

Going to the gym is not synonymous with burning fat and turning it into muscle because the loss of the first and the gain of the second at the same time is not possible. The organism can only fulfill one of the two tasks at the same time.

To eliminate fat it is necessary to maintain a hypocaloric diet (consume fewer calories than those that are spent), rest properly and comply with a good training routine.

In this way, we make sure to burn the accumulated but also maintain as much muscle as possible (losing muscle can result in long-term problems).

On the other hand, the increase in muscle mass occurs in the training phase known as “volume” in which the main objective is to get a hypertrophy in the muscles.

This is achieved by doing series and repetitions of the exercises with an appropriate weight (that do not cause tears or tears).

The muscle can only grow if it trains intensely and stretches enough (to the point before it breaks).


How to turn fat to muscle

To this second routine should be added a correct and hypercaloric diet (more calories than those spent), and pay close attention to the intake before and after training.

In addition, you need a good rest (do not go to the gym daily) and get enough sleep, since with sleep hormones (such as testosterone) regenerate muscles and tissues worked.

This means that losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time is impossible unless pills or hormones are consumed, but we would not be talking about something natural but a danger to our health.

It is also necessary to banish the false belief that fat is transformed into muscle when we start training. The organism does not work that way.

Transform fat into muscle: pay attention to diet

Now that you know that you should first meet one goal (lose fat) and then move on to the other (gain muscle), it would be good to take a proper diet to achieve those goals.

In addition to doing aerobics and bodybuilding exercises, your diet should be composed of:

  • 40% protein
  • 40% carbohydrates
  • 20% fat

Proteins are essential to lose weight because they feed you, satisfy your appetite and do not allow you to gain weight.

How to turn fat to muscle

At the same time, they help in the increase of musculature. They are a macronutrient that can be found in:

  • The egg whites
  • Dairy products (better if they are skimmed)
  • Lean meats
  • Fish

Although it may sound strange, you should also consume carbohydrates to lose weight, especially if you exercise a lot. You need them to have enough energy and not feel tired or weak. In addition, carbohydrates accelerate the burning of fat and improve lung capacity. Before training, we recommend you eat rice, pasta or wholemeal bread.

Finally, there are the fats, with which you should have some care at the time of ingesting them. They are essential for a good functioning of the body and metabolism but do not abuse them or choose “bad” (saturated) fats. The best fats are the monounsaturated fats that you can find in olive oil, nuts, and avocados. You may also like:

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