6 Amazing and useful healthy skin tips for face

healthy skin tips for face

Many believe that it takes effort, money and time, to be able to achieve and maintain a skin that looks impeccable. That’s why we leave a list of six healthy skin tips for face you can start doing from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to sleep.

Healthy skin tips for face

1. Leave it simple

healthy skin tips

The ideal routine for the face consists of a basic morning cleaning plan, leaving most treatments for the night. It is at that moment where hydration becomes more important because it is the time of regeneration. Keep reading: How to make hair soft and straight?

During the night the skin is able to absorb more moisturizers, so we recommend you refresh your face in the morning and moisturize it at night. Maintain a three-step cleaning routine: clean, tone and moisturize. Try cleaning and toning at night, to finish with a healthy amount of moisturizer. Apply it on the face, neck and neck area.

2. Unexpected plans?

skin tips for face

If you are going out and you need to refresh the skin of your face, we leave you a very simple trick: with a cotton ball dipped in toning lotion or mineral water, press the skin with a firm and fast movement.

Focus on the area of the forehead, the contour of the eyes and the nostrils. Many call this process “the sponge technique”, since you expand the skin when you press; so when you lift, the pores absorb the liquid temporarily generating a rejuvenating effect.

3. Do not exaggerate with exfoliation

Do not exaggerate with exfoliation

Many times we abuse the exfoliation and we go crazy about it. Unfortunately the excess results in many broken capillaries; so using a cleanser with a face sponge is more than enough.

4. One banana a day

Because of its high potassium and magnesium content, bananas help regulate your digestive system, which results in the dazzling skin. We recommend you consider them as a daily snack.

eat bananas

You can also use them to treat yourself at home: crush a banana in a medium bowl, add three tablespoons of oats, and a quarter cup of flaxseed oil; Mix until you get a paste and distribute it on your face, let it dry. Remove the mask with wet cotton, and enjoy hydrated, fresh and relaxed skin.

5. Treatments for the eyes

If swollen eyes are your problem, the green tea bags will be of great help. Because tea is a diuretic, it absorbs water from the skin and thus reduces inflammation in the area. Place a tea bag, cold and soggy, in each eye for ten minutes.

You can also put the well-known cucumber slices, which have anti-inflammatory properties and will temporarily give a lighting effect.

6. Do not forget your lips

Do not forget your lips

When your lips are dry, there are usually slight calluses and nothing will be able to penetrate the skin to cure it. Keep them in excellent condition with an exfoliant that you can do at home. Combine coconut oil or Vaseline with a spoonful of sugar, natural moisturizer, and rub it on your lips with circular movements. If your lips already have small cuts add a few drops of honey, help them heal faster.

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