How to stay healthy and fit at home? Amazing tips

How to stay healthy and fit

Stay healthy and fit can be simple, you just have to pay attention to the signals of the organism and follow a series of steps that can become part of the daily routine. Here, experts in nutrition and fitness share tips to achieve the desired goal.

It is very important to emphasize that most associate that word with diet and/or suffering, and this is not the case. You can maintain a healthy diet and behavior without suffering and get the body you so desire. Keep reading: 4 facts about how to lose weight while running

How to stay healthy and fit

How to stay healthy and fit

1. Drink water

It is a vital habit and ignored or avoided by many. Pure water detoxifies, hydrates, accelerates metabolism indirectly, gives energy, prevents fluid retention (deflates), improves the condition of skin, hair, and nails and makes us happier in general. When we are thirsty it is very late, we are already dehydrated.

We must drink water regularly during the day, from two to three liters, well distributed. We know that we are dehydrated when the urine is intense yellow or even brown, and we are perfectly hydrated when it is almost transparent.

2. Include fruits and vegetables in the daily diet

Include fruits and vegetables

“It will sound cliché and repetitive, but without those divine carbohydrates and full of fiber we can not have a healthy diet and nourish the body properly. Fruits and vegetables are pumps of vitamins and minerals, rich in water and fiber. Fruits contain fructose, so you have to control the amount consumed. The recommendation is three servings per day (a ration usually equals one cup or one unit of fruit). “

3. Make three to six meals a day, without skipping the main ones

An ancient myth points out that it is essential to eat every three to four hours or, what is the same, that a snack keeps the metabolism accelerated and slim. The most recent studies have shown that tea does not accelerate the metabolism, but decreases anxiety and hunger, regulates blood sugar levels during the day and, therefore, prevents over-consumption in the next meal.

4. Perform physical activity

It is essential for both physical and mental health. Physical activity can be started at any age, after the relevant medical examinations and with the help of a certified specialist in the area. Exercise improves mood, provides energy, accelerates metabolism, increases lung and cardiovascular capacity, cleanses and detoxifies, strengthens muscles and bones, makes us more agile and young, prevents multiple chronic noncommunicable diseases of adults and also relaxes.

The commandments of Soy Saludable

commandments of Soy Saludable

The expert in nutrition states that the ideal is to maintain a harmonious balance between food, physical and intellectual activity, relationships, outdoor recreation, rest, hygiene and spiritual peace. The good news is that with practice and discipline we can renew our well-being and achieve a state of balance and harmony. You have the absolute power to change your life.

1. The first. “Just when you wake up, take a cup of water with a few drops of lemon or bicarbonate, that alkaline drink will help activate the metabolism, initiate digestion and set in motion the body’s natural systems for detoxification.”

2. Connect with your inner strength. “Conscious breathing, meditation and the practice of yoga, tai-chi or chikung are basic tools to bring more oxygen to the cells and stimulate the lymphatic system so that it eliminates the wastes.” We breathe incorrectly due to stress, so we must apply those techniques “

3. Practice conscious breathing. “You can close your eyes and focus on breathing. Then inhale deeply through your nose. Exhale slowly and completely, making sure that you have removed all the air from your lungs. Breathe normally again and exhale completely, watching your mind and feeling like the air travels through the nostrils, repeat that exercise for five minutes, do not pay attention to the thoughts that come in. If they come, let them pass while you are still focused on breathing. “

4. Eliminate addictions. “I mean coffee, soft drinks, sugar, nicotine, alcohol, drugs. Detaching yourself from this is the first step to detoxify yourself. Stop losing money and health. “

Eliminate addictions

5. Limits to 20% of the processed foods or of animal origin.

“Try to consume less than 20% of processed foods (packaged or canned products, sugar, white flour, sauces, creams) or of animal origin (meats, dairy products). Whole grains contain multiple nutrients before they become white flours, but when the whole grain is processed some are lost. The best way to avoid sugar, fats and other unwanted additives is to prepare all the food from scratch, as much as possible. “

6. Sleep from 7 to 8 hours. “We all know that not sleeping as necessary can make the day difficult and bring chronic complications such as high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, and obesity, as well as cancer, increased mortality and decrease the quality of life and productivity. The lack of sleep may be due to many factors, but let’s be honest, access to technology 24 hours a day is one of the most frequent causes. We must schedule the hours of sleep like any other daily activity and not let anything affect the rest. “

The tips of a fitness trainer

There are many ways to exercise. Which one is the best? Well, simply, a little bit of all. Our body is like a Ferrari, a perfect machine, but many suffer from their body image, their weight, and their health. We must change the way we see fitness. Doing something is better than doing nothing. And if we encourage ourselves, we will try to add and help us move forward.

Keys to the exercise

Keys to the exercise

The training should focus on a program of conditioning and central strength, high intensity and short recovery periods. Like everything, getting to more intense levels requires preparation and time. We will start from the most basic, taking into account the 10 necessary physical valences: cardiovascular and respiratory resistance, stamina or stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and precision.

This concept is shared by people who practice with the Dynamax Crossfit technique. This type of training maximizes the neuroendocrine response, producing metabolic changes necessary for weight control in a natural way.

When training we must consider that our system meets the benefits of working the 10 physical valences. This will help us to improve our quality of life to the fullest and is part of the way to return to become little by little the original Ferrari. The other has to do with healthy eating. You may also like:

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