10 negative effects of tobacco on your physical appearance

If you are a smoker you will surely already know the negative effects that this habit has on your heart, lungs, brain … One of the harmful effects of this habit is that it damages your physical appearance. Before knowing these 10 physical changes experienced by smokers, I invite you to watch this impressive video.

This is a video that shows the tar that enters your lungs after smoking 30 packs cigarettes:

10 negative effects of tobacco

1) Bags under the eyes

Surely you will know that when you sleep badly it shows on your face. If you smoke, you are four times more likely to sleep worse than a non-smoker, according to a study conducted at Johns Hopkins University. Why this difficulty to achieve a quality break? It is possible that nicotine withdrawal during the night has something to do with smokers having uneasy sleep. Keep reading: Get back your radiant smile with teeth whitening

Unfortunately, a bad break is not synonymous with beauty.

2) Yellow teeth

Yellow teeth

Would you like to have teeth with a dazzling white like some Hollywood stars? If you are a smoker, forget about it. The nicotine in cigarettes gives your teeth a yellow hue.

3) Premature aging of the skin and wrinkles

We all know how to distinguish a withered face from a healthy face. Smokers tend to have more wrinkles on the face than non-smokers. Experts agree that smoking accelerates the aging process. Why do wrinkles appear? Smoking hampers the blood supply that keeps the skin tissue looking smooth and healthy.

These changes in the skin can occur after taking 10 years smoking. The more cigarettes you smoke, the more your skin will age.

Wrinkles do not only appear on the face. Tobacco is also associated with increased wrinkle formation and skin damage in other parts of your body, for example in your arms and hands. These wrinkles are irreversible, but you can prevent this deterioration of the skin by quitting now.

The effects of smoking on skin aging have been recognized for a long time. A 1965 study identified for the first time what came to be known as the ‘face of the smoker’: gray skin, pale and wrinkled.

4) Yellow fingers

Yellow fingers

Tobacco nicotine not only causes your teeth to turn yellow, but also your fingers and nails acquire that color.

5) Thinner hair

If skin aging is not enough for you, smoking also damages your hair. Experts think that the toxic chemicals present in the smoke can damage the DNA in the hair follicles. The final result? Smokers have finer hair that tends to gray before the hair of non-smokers. According to a 2007 study in Taiwan, men who smoke are twice as likely as nonsmokers to lose hair after taking into account factors that increase the risk of baldness, such as aging and genetics.

6) Scarring

Nicotine causes vasoconstriction , a narrowing of the blood vessels that can limit the oxygenation of blood flow in the small vessels of the face or other parts of the body. This means that your wounds take longer to heal and you will have bigger and redder scars than those of a nonsmoker. In addition, smoking is associated with an increased risk of wound infections , even for simple wounds.

Studies have shown that at four weeks after quitting, smokers and nonsmokers have the same wound healing rates.

 Skin cancer

7) Skin cancer

Smoking is the leading cause of cancer of the lung, throat, mouth and esophagus, so it should come as no surprise that cigarettes can also increase the risk of skin cancer. In fact, a 2001 study concluded that smokers are three times more likely than non-smokers to develop squamous cell carcinoma , the second most common type of skin cancer.

8) Stretch marks

Cigarette nicotine damages the fibers and connective tissue of the skin , causing loss of elasticity and strength.
Anyone can have stretch marks with rapid weight gain (such as pregnancy), but cigarettes is a contributing factor.

9) Risk of cataracts

risk of cataracts

More than half of Americans have developed some degree of cataracts at age 80. Smoking cigarettes can increase the risk of cataracts by putting oxidative stress on the lens of the eye. In fact, smoking increases the risk of cataract removal by 22% , according to one study.

10) Loss of natural skin shine

A 1985 study described “smoker’s face” with certain facial features: wrinkles and a gray appearance of the skin.
Cigarette smoke contains carbon monoxide that displaces oxygen from the skin , and nicotine, reduces blood flow, leaving the skin dry and discolored. You may also like: http://healtharticlesmagazine.com/top-healthy-lifestyle-tips/

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