Artilane, a solution for runners and for those who are not


Now that the good weather is approaching (or so I hope), I’m sure many of you are already thinking about going for a run, after the long break of the cold and rainy days.

Well, first congratulations for having made that decision, but first of all you should ask yourself a question: Are your joints ready to resume running? Keep reading: 5 herbal remedies or sedative herbs for relaxing and soothing

Artilane is a better solution for runners


The problem after a period of inactivity (especially if all you do is run), is that, say, that the joints “relax“. Imagine what you should feel when you first go out into the street and start your training, with the impact that entails. I do not say that you are unconscious and not hot before you start running, but it is true that, as I always say, it is better to prevent and cure.

That’s why for the last few months I’ve opted for Artilane. This product is a food supplement composed of hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants (quercetin and lycopene). Needless to say, this cocktail is sufficient as well as necessary to protect our joints. In addition, and if that were not enough, it also has vitamin C, tomato juice concentrate that provides iron for muscle recovery. Check also:

That said, I want to highlight the main ingredient, and why I decided to start taking Artilane: Hydrolyzed collagen.

This component is a family of proteins of animal origin organized in the form of fibers. Our body generates them abundantly and is part of our connective tissues (organs, skin, and bones).

As a curious fact, approximately 30% of the body’s proteins are collagen, and as we get older, collagen production decreases.

Importance of including it in our dietArtilane

Experts explain that there are several studies that have proven that the intake of this protein stimulates the synthesis of type II collagen, proteoglycans, and hyaluronic acid, ie, which helps to increase the mineral density of our bones.

In addition, experts say that also the flexibility and lubrication of the joints is maintained and favors the optimal conservation of the cartilage.

But including collagen in our diet has a problem, and is that it is found in meat (corns, snouts, cow’s feet, pig’s trotters or bone broths), fish (although it is less the amount of collagen compared to the meat, this is found mostly in the flakes), or gelatin (which is a low-calorie food with a large percentage of collagen).

The problem I am talking about is that it is not easy to ingest the correct dose only with food. And hence it is essential to take it as a supplement.

So, after a lot of searching and comparing several collagen supplements, as they were all very similar in terms of the proportion of this protein, I opted for Artilane because of the number of additives it has.

I leave you with this link where I buy it, and in the same way, you can take a look at the rest of the things you have, both aesthetics and health in general. Highly recommended.

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