Not the new James Bond.

On Netfilx there lies a true hero. Well, not exactly in fact he is very much the Anti hero if truth be told. He is a man with no morals or basis in reality if terms of his attitude towards his job, women and society in general . He is Archer a secret agent working for the private security and protection firm ISIS set up by his Mother Mallory, an equally immoral person who flits between loving her son and and then showing him the utmost contempt. For example, she makes a point of telling him that Father Christmas doesn’t exist and then informs him she is spending the day with her new lover and so the Butler will be looking after him. He is 5 years old.

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Archer is a wildly comc take not only on James Bond but also shows like the Man from Uncle, Get Smart, Department S and Jason King. The premise is set around Sterling Archer ISIS top agent and the missions that he gets sent on. These generally end in failure or in one memorable case, Archer became the head of South Sea pirate operation he was sent to foil. The whole thing is set in a strange could be the sixties Cold warish set up (ISIS are in a fight against the KGB, even when its head is sleeping with Mallory in secret and could even be Sterling’s father) that sees them all in sharp suits and outfits akin to the series Mad Men.

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Unlike the Bond series women are not objectified. Lana Kane is the best agent that ISIS has and despite the short sweater dresses she wears she is a lady not to be messed with, especially as she has a pay of pistols on constant display in shoulder holsters. Pam, the head of HR is a drift racing bare knuckle boxer and Carol or Cheryl depending on her mood is a billionairess who chooses to work as a receptionist, if she would only answer the phone. Other characters include Cyril Figgis the accountant and sometime reluctant field operative along with the Ray Gillette and the mysterious Q like figure Kreiger who makes all the gadgets.

This lack of moral fibre, or anything approaching it means that Archer would be well advised to get a load of Home StI Kits London as his actions are extremely dangerous for his health. It’s hoped that he will settle down again with Lana his true love but after 9 seasons this remains to be seen.

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