Thinking about Dementia in an ageing population.

As we become an ageing population there are rising medical conditions that are starting to require our focus more and more. As you would expect, as we age so do our brains. Living longer means that previous aliments are now more pronounced, diagnosed and understood. One of these is dementia. Dementia is an unfortunate and incurable illness that begins to impair the brain’s ability to function in terms of memory, understanding of situations and also our judgment. Due to its effects Dementia live in care becomes a necessity for those¬† who are suffering from it.

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However it is possible that with early diagnoses, which is improving all the time, that certain medicines and treatments can make life considerably easier and living better for those that are affected with it. The term dementia itself is a generic phrase for a variety of conditions. The most common one is that of Alzhemiers diseases and the Fronto temporal type.

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Dementia is for the most part a condition of the elderly, although it is not a normal part of ageing, but there is sadly still no clear indication as to what can cause it or why people get it and it can occur at earlier ages.  However there is certainly some strong evidence that not smoking, avoiding excessive alcohol consumption and regular exercise can help avoid it.

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